I've Only Been Wrong Twice

A weekly advice Podcast with Danny Palmer and Elizabeth Martin

Every single month, thousands of listeners tune into Danny Palmer and Elizabeth Martin's weekly advice show, I've Only Been Wrong Twice, released every Tuesday on iTunes, Google Play, iHeartRadio, and wherever you find your favorite podcasts.

Each week, Danny and Elizabeth get real questions from real listeners looking for advice. While the advice might not always be quote the best unquote, audiences love the banter, the comedy, and the personal relationship between the two hosts.

Listening to this podcast is like listening to two friends sitting around the table, discussing the crazy world of love and dating...I came for the advice and I stayed for the humor.
— iTunes Review, @itsjustbeerad

Our Audience

I feel like listening to this podcast transforms my office space into a trendy cafe, and Iā€™m eavesdropping on some very intelligent, very witty, and insightful banter. Danny and Elizabeth make me want to lead a funnier life.
— iTunes Review, @Krisselkins

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