Danny Palmer
CReative Director, Principal

Danny Palmer is a creative director, writer and designer. His spirit animal should be a fox, but it's probably a chipmunk.


Elizabeth Martin
CReative Director, Principal

Elizabeth Martin is a writer, a creative, and a traveler. She fantasizes about Betty White being her soul sister, or at least Grandma.


Cassie Greer
Executive Producer

Cassie Greer is a producer, actor, director, and teacher, who also dabbles in yoga, vegan baking, whiskey-drinking, and unicorns. 


Chris Franklin

Chris Franklin is a multimedia production artist in Portland. His community oriented pursuits are aimed to reveal a more uplifting side of humanity. 

Jayne Forest

Jayne Forest is a yoga & meditation teacher, artist, mama, blogger, podcaster, and doer of a ridiculous amount of creative endeavors. She is basically a grown child who believes in magic and subsists upon nuts, berries, hot yoga and vegan cookies.


Sarah McMinn

Sarah McMinn is a blogger, photographer, and writer. She spends a lot of time thinking about singularity and if the robots will be kind when they take over. 


Elle Grey

Elle Grey is a local woodworker, artist, and producer who has had a steady stream of podcasts flowing through her headphones since 2014. Her passions include ethical living, the rights and treatment of others, and debating the merits of the Slytherin house.